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The World Ethics Institute in Beijing (WEIB), established on October 29, 2012, is a postgraduate center for research, teaching, learning, publishing, and public service. It is the first research institution in China focusing on global ethics, and in particular global economic ethics.

WEIB originated from the close collaboration between Peking University and the University of Tübingen in Germany. Karl Schlecht, Chairman of the Board of the KSG (Karl Schlecht Gemeinnützige Stiftung) Foundation, and Liang Wengen, Chairman of the Sany Heavy Industry, generously provided the initial funding. The institute is under the direction of the world-renowned scholar Tu Weiming.

WEIB aims to remain rooted in traditional Chinese culture while learning from the ethical wisdom of various Axial and non-Axial civilizations and indigenous cultures. Through means such as civilizational dialogue, WEIB aims to build a creative research team that combines teaching and learning, domestic and international resources. Finally, the institute aspires to bring the ancient spiritual wisdom of Chinese civilization, as well as contemporary Chinese culture, to the research of global ethics, so as to make the latter more diversified and globally significant. More information,please visit: https://weibenglish.sinaapp.com/ .   

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