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Shaolin Culture In America Campaign held by the Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies and Berkeley University

Shaolin Culture In America Campaign held by Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies and Berkeley University was held on March 19, 2014. Shi Yongxin, the abbot of Shaolin, delivered a keynote speech on "Kungfu and Zen in Practice of Buddhism". Guests present included Professor Tu Weiming, Dean of the Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies at Peking University, Professor Tucker from Yale University, Professor Tanya Storch, Chairman of Department of Religion at Pacific States University, Professor Wu Jiang from the University of Arizona. Shi Yongxin first expressed thanks to Dean Tu Weiming and his wife for assisting the smooth progress of the campaign. Shi Yongxin followed to present Shaolin's history and cultural inheritance to audiences present, and detailed on the role and meaning of inheriting Shaolin culture from four aspects: "Resume Tradition, Continue Inheritance, and Space for Development", "Communication in Protection, Inheritance in Communication, and Promoting the Value of Shaolin Culture in Dialogue", "Rectification and Positioning: Clarifying Concepts", and "Protecting the Completeness and Authenticity of Shaolin Cultural Inheritance".

Kungfu and Zen were same in nature, said Shi Yongxin. They were both effective ways to control your own heart, but they should be combined with Buddhism belief, moral life, especially commandments everyday, thus achieving "Kungfu and Zen in one". He believed Shaolin Kungfu had become a convenient way leading to Zen, thus eliminating people's doubt towards Zen in today. It offered a way for ordinary people to train, to know himself, and to move beyond his limits. The campaign attracted the active participation of many students and teachers at Berkeley University.


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