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This center includes three projects related to Yenching University as an examplar of the Christian missionary university tradition and its influence on contemporary academic culture. This first involves the collection, collation, and publication of historical materials to provide a foundation for all scholars domestic and abroad to research Yenching University. The second seeks to develop comprehensive research concerning the relationship of missionary universities and cotemporary Chinese university education. The last relies on Yenching University's ideal of liberal arts education and its spirit of cultural synthesis to develop a platform for enriching the resources of contemporary Chinese educational pardigms. The center director is Prof. Xia Xiaohong, and the vice director is Dr. Luyin. It is externally liaised with Yenching University Alumni Association, and Harvard-Yenching Institute.


•Sorting of historical materials and oral history;

•Study on figures of Yenching University;

•Student life in Yenching University;

•Photographing of Yenching News;

•Collection of academic institutions of Yenching University.

•Collection of academic institutions of Yenching University;

•Collection of historical materials of Yenching University;

•Recovery of films of Yenching University at Yale University;

•Photocopies of Yenching News, supplementary files of Yenching Univeristy;

•Photographing and recovery of files of Yenching University at the archive of Peking University;

•Photographing and recovery of files of Yenching University at the archive of Peking University;

•Add oral history according to existing Historical Materials of Yenching University Situ Leideng, Hong Ye and other well-known scholars.

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