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Research  Areas

WANG Jianbao (2013')

Wealth and the Way: the Mengzian Perspective;

WANG Miao (2013')

Chinese Philosophy; Confucian Philosophy ;

WANG Xiaochao (2013')

Confucian Religiousness in Pre-Qin Period;

SHI Shaoqin (2014’)

Political Philosophy; History of Political Thoughts; 

Confucianism in Pre-Qin Period and Song Dynasty;

WANG Kaige (2014’)

The Comparative Research between Pre-Qin;

Confucianism's Sentiment and Adam Smith's Moral Sentiment;

BAI Zongrang (2015’)

Chinese Philosophy;

WU Ruihan (2015’) 

Intellectual History in Late Qing Dynasty; 

CHEN Maoze (2015')

Business Ethics and the Confucian Tradition Managerial Philosophy;

QIU Chuyuan (2016’)


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