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Classics Reading Program

The Classics Reading Program is small,in-depth reading groups of Confucian classic Daxue (The Great Learning) and Zhongyong (Doctrine of the Mean). It started in December 2010, and generally there are 60-100 students from different disciplines spending ten three-hour sessions per semester on the program.

Why should we read The Great Learning?

The Four Books:The Great Learning is a classical work which originated from the axial age of Chinese civilization and has been refined and interpreted by wise men through the ages including Zhu Xi and Wang Yangming. The Great Learning outlines a system of the life’s meaning, responsibilities, methods and paths, ranging from cultivating one's moral character to governing a country. The Great Learning inspires people to raise questions and rethink and guide learners to the history of China and deep twists in the inner world.

The classics reading is a good opportunity to meet friends on literature and learn from friends. You should treasure this opportunity and experience the real meaning of ‘ study for oneself ’, so as to foster the group critical ‘self-consciousness’ and generate a life community caring politics, participating in social activities, emphasizing culture and pursuing the universe of meaning.

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