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Professor Tu gave a lecture at Xi’an Jiaotong University

In the evening of April 8th, Prof. Tu Weiming delivered a wonderful lecture for JT University’steachers and students in Room 101,Science Museum of Xi’an JT University, which is themed as “Confucian’s benevolence as the universal value". 

Before the meeting, professor Tu accepted the Publicity Department’s interview. For the 120 years’ anniversary of the Xi'an Jiaotong University, Professor Tu blessed the university could make further progress, and hope it can strive to build a comprehensive first-class university. Hence, he wishes the young students at Jiangtong University could have broad visions, and actively expand their own views, and to be creative scientists.

The lecture was opened on time,and all seats are occupied. Gong Hui(deputy secretary of the Party Committee) on behalf of the school gave an speech. Zhang Maiceng (Secretary of the Party Committee) awarded the certificates and wore the school badge for Professor Tu by person. Ma Xiaobin (the party secretary of Humanities Department), Yang Lin( Associate Dean of Humanities Department) and also other 400 representatives students and teachers presented in the seminar. This lecture was emceed by Bian Yanjie (President of Humanities Department, Xi'an Jiaotong University).  

Professor Tu Weiming firstly congratulated to Xi’an JT University on its 120 years’ anniversary, and especially mentioned that when everyone is focusing on the development of natural science, Jiaotong University still pay its attention to the in- heritage of Chinese traditional culture. He personally is very grateful. 

He also mentioned that the twenty-fourth World Congress of Philosophy will be held  in Beijing, and the theme is "learning to be human",which also can be interpreted as , "learning to be an adult."He believes that the emphasis on human is responding to pursuing an ultimate concern in the axial period; and paying attention to people is concerned with the problem of people’s survival, and it is the world's problem, so he hope we can be able to get out of from the secular humanism.

In terms with “to be a person”, professor Tu said “If reasoning without sympathy, it will become scheme; without justice, it will become selfish; if power without responsibility, it will become an excuse of plundering. If a person has sympathy without reasoning, it will become spoiled. If we have sense of justice, but without  freedom, it is compulsion. If a person with politeness and benevolence, but without law, the market’s economy cannot develop. If a society gets harmony, but no dignity, it will lead to society’s homogenization. If so, “encouraging blossoming and contending of all” cannot appear.

Professor Tu mentioned that the Confucianism is open, changing, and evolutive. Respecting others and respecting self can be integrated, and doing many good deeds and making many friends also can coexist.Confucianism does not break the relationship with the civilizations appearing before, on the contrary, the Confucianism  is inheriting aging civilization from Dynasties of Xia-Shang-Zhou. He stressed the importance of benevolence by using examples of Yan Hui’s " Does not violate the benevolence within three months". At the same time, from the perspective of "people can not hony", he illustrated the importance of persistence and dedication.

He put forward, courtesy with benevolence is more in line with the courtesy; courtesy without benevolence will become formalism.The bravery without benevolence is brute courage, and the wisdom without benevolence is petty shrewdness .On the contrary, once there is benevolence, there will be bravery, wisdom, and faith. Professor Tu Weiming, especially pointed out that persons exist in the world has his value, and the responsibility is positively proportional to the existence.

After the report, professor Tu Weiming answered students' questions and finally said: "I respect each students’ rights to raise questions , so as for the remaining problems, I will think them after the meeting”. Words is short but powerful, which shows a master’s mind. 


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