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In 1990s, “Confucian Merchants” becomes a hot word in China Mainland, and it frequently is shown on the magazines. So far, “Confucian Merchants” has become a significant public domain, and even it gradually gave rise to some unique cultural phenomenon. According to the history changes and significance cultivation, the academia has produced several research findings. But as tracing back to the “Confucian Merchants Dialogues”, it is still not enough. The Academia traces “Confucian Merchants” back to “Confucian Merchants” in Ming Dynasty, and it is treated as the product of “Abandoning Confucians and Going for Business” under the pressure of population, or regards that due to the social status of traditional Confucian was improved, merchants had to step close to their values, and then the phenomenon of “Merchants were into Confucianism” appeared. The story was inspired by Web’s thought of “Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism”, and it also is influenced by Mr. Yu Yingshi’s theoretical structure of “Confluence of Scholars and Merchants” and “Confucianism’s Secular Transformation”.

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