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Research on Songshan Culture

“Songshan Forum——On Chinese and World Civilization” (“Songshan Forum”) is an international high-end cultural forum co-sponsored by China International Culture Communication Center (CICCC), Cultural Relic Academy China (CRAC), Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies (IAHS), Construction Housing Group and Innovation Foundation for Chinese History and Civilization Heritage of Henan Province.

Relying on the favorable natural, cultural and ecological environment of the Songshan Mountain, this traditional Chinese culture-based, foundation-supported and domestic and overseas top-level talents-oriented forum adheres to the principles of “mutual respect, seeking common grounds while reserving difference, reform and innovation, and civilizational dialogue” and gathers multicultural representative figures, academic leaders, experts, scholars, cultural celebrities, politicians, government's brainpower and senior managers of established enterprises from home and abroad to carry out exchanges between different civilizations, so as to advocate the diversity of the world cultures, enhance mutual understanding and respect in cultures among people of all countries, seek common development in a friendly way and make due contribution to building a harmonious world.

Positioning: Cultural exchanges, cultural studies, achievement exhibition, talent cultivation and industrial development.

Principles: Observe the Laws of the People's Republic of China, adhere to the principle of public welfare operations and integrate social resources; promoting exchanges and dialogue between Chinese civilization and the world civilization and serving the “going global” strategy of Chinese civilization, Chinese all around the world and the world peace, while adhering to a open, inclusive and equal dialogue mechanism.

Objectives: To build “Songshan Forum” into a window for external exchanges, a platform for global civilizational dialogues and an important carrier for international cultural exchanges for the Central Plains Economic Zone, and to develop the Songshan Mountain into an academic shrine admired by world experts and scholars, a spiritual home attracting Chinese all around the world and a cradle of new talents, thoughts and ideas. Planning: Politicians, leading experts and scholars and well-known entrepreneurs from home and abroad will be invited to attend the forum annually held in Dengfeng City of Henan Province. While the overall topic will be determined centered on the inheritance and innovation of Chinese civilization and the dialogue and exchange of world civilization, several sub-topics will also be set as needed; discussions will be carried out in the form of keynote lectures, speeches, group discussion and on-site interaction and proceedings will be generated for publication; achievements including expert advice will be reported to relevant national authorities. Address: According to the requirements for demonstrating the connotation of Chinese civilization, characteristics of central plains civilization and the diversity of world civilization, a permanent site, a head office and a liaison office of “Songshan Forum” have been respectively established in Dengfeng City, the Zhengdong New District of Zhengzhou City and Beijing Municipality.

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